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Our Expertise

Direct Management

Our talented and innovative teams develop and manage a conviction-oriented fund range on all asset classes, including equities, Fixed-Income, Convertible Bonds and Flexible Diversified Funds, dedicated to institutional clients, external distributors and independent financial advisers.

Equity Thematic Diversified Fixed Income Labelised investment solutions

Invest in global equity markets through actively managed investment solutions.

Large caps
Our European Large Caps Equity expertise is an active, high-conviction strategy focused on Europe. The main performance driver is stock selection, with a strong focus on a bottom-up approach which is based on a fundamental analysis of companies. The strategy aims to deliver superior returns whatever the market conditions, with permanent risk control.

Small and mid-caps
Our Small and Mid-Cap Equity Strategy is an active, high-conviction-based investment in eurozone companies. Stock selection is at the heart of the investment process. Our approach is research-oriented, emphasising bottom-up stock selection.

Invest in promising themes which offer attractive long-term potential, such as real estate or the ageing population through equity funds. Our thematic investments ignore fashion effects and rely on structural trends. 

We offer a diversified portfolio which follows an active conviction-based strategy, where we create value through strategic asset allocation. These portfolios reflect the strongest convictions of the portfolio managers, both in terms of stock selection and of asset class.

Our talented Fixed Income team benefits from expertise across all major securities including: Government bonds, Corporate bonds, Convertible bonds and Inflation-linked bonds.
We use a strategic active-management approach, based on top-down combined with a bottom-up analysis of securities valuations and portfolio construction. Our outstanding fund managers look to add value through managing risk and return across a range of factors, such as country allocation, duration and yield curve management, credit strategy and security selection.

Combine financial performance, enhanced selection on extra-financial criteria and impact by choosing investment solutions aligned with the most demanding standards.

Open Architecture

With the benefit of more than 20 years of experience, we are recognised as one of the pioneers of open architecture fund allocation and selection. We offer innovative solutions: fund research and fund related advisory, consultancy to portfolio managers, investment management advisory. We rely on four core principles: a rigorous Open Architecture, the search of excellence, an active portfolio management and a robust risk management.

A rigorous Open Architecture Search for excellence Active portfolio management Robust risk management

We are agnostic in our approach and focus on the best value for fees paid. We believe an unrestricted universe offers more opportunities, but also requires a serious commitment in terms of resources in research, legal and compliance, back office and a well-structured research process. 

There are very few managers who consistently add value over time. They can be part of leading institutions or small boutiques. We are committed to go the extra mile to find and get meaningful access to the best of them. Our Manager Research team employs industry standard processes and systems, but also draws on the resources available within the Rothschild & Co network - benefiting from the company's global footprint.

While the emphasis on top-down versus bottom-up might vary across portfolios, we share the following beliefs. Portfolio construction is of paramount importance. Combining strategies and managers in a sensible manner leads to an appropriately diversified portfolio. We look for the best managers and investment opportunities around the world - taking into account expected and historic returns, as well as market volatility. Armed with our in-depth macro and manager research, we are able to find strategies which make the most of the current investment landscape.

In order to preserve and grow our clients' wealth, we first focus on avoiding losses before striving to achieve large returns. We minimise risks by being conscious of valuations and looking to invest with substantial expected returns.

Our Expertise

Newgate funding 's investment approach is sophisticated and granular. The team focuses on identifying idiosyncratic opportunities across emerging markets.

Our process analyzes the relevant political, legal, technical, and economic risk factors of each investment opportunity. We use comprehensive risk analysis on our portfolios with the aim of minimizing drawdowns.

Our approach seeks to provide positive and uncorrelated long-term returns through active management in a historically volatile asset class. Newgate funding ‘s portfolios benefit from over 20 years of development and integration of trading, settlement, technology, and risk management within one firm.

Experienced, integrated team focused on three areas


Investing in sovereign and quasi-sovereign fixed income opportunities, including those that have a complex political or credit story.

Investing in interest rates and currencies across emerging markets, using local currency government bonds, bills, or derivatives.


Investing in non-government related corporate credit opportunities within emerging markets.

Strategic and tactical asset allocation, investing in the broadest range of investment products.

Asset allocation limited to a number of core ideas with weekly or daily liquidity.

Strategic asset allocation in predominately long-only investments, aiming to outperform emerging market bond indices.

Investments in illiquid opportunities in emerging markets with a multi-year investment horizon.

Tailored to meet specific needs of institutional investors.

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